Welcome to my portfolio of landscape architectural projects. I have a long list of projects and will only put some of my more notable ones here. I hope you enjoy viewing them.

-Kim Wiley

About Wiley Group Landscape Architecture
Wiley Group is a boutique landscape design studio specializing in individualized attention to each client. 

Wiley Group is known for designing memorable projects with an inherent sense of place that have a refined simplicity of form, are aesthetically pleasing and elegantly meet projects functional requirements. 

The design vision at Wiley Group is twofold: to assist in the more perfect realization of a client's goals for a project and to provide a bridge to the appreciation and understanding of nature

Kim Wiley is Licensed to practice Landscape Architecture in California (#1859), he is a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) and earned a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture from Cal Poly Pomona. 

Project Types
There is extensive professional experience in a wide range of landscape architectural projects including campuses, libraries, interpretive facilities, resorts, casinos, transportation centers, bridges, highways, streetscapes, office parks, service stations, park and recreation facilities, campgrounds, trails, master-planned communities, custom residencies and estate designs.

Specialties include the design of hardscape, Xeriscape (water saving techniques), rockwork, water features and pools. 

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Small Business Certification

Wiley Group is certified with the State of California as a Small Business (SB).